Site Selection

We perform site selection services for our clients that utilize data-driven analytics to locate sites that positively impact our client's balance sheets and maximize their employees' job satisfaction and quality of life.

Site selection consists of the initial steps determining where your organization and your operations will occupy your space.

This critical yet sometimes overlooked process needs to be systematic in nature and deliberate in its execution for your business’s longevity and success at the disired location.


Site selection is one of our core competencies. We use our market intelligence to obtain data-driven psychoanalytics, demographical information and comprehensive trade area analysis to assist client’s with facility planning, relocations, expansions, and sales of non-performing assets. Whether it’s a purchase, sale, lease, or sale-leaseback, we ensure that the transaction is built to benefit your business and industry type.

our process:

We start with an understanding of your business, industry type and company culture.

Then we do a comprehensive trade area analysis to locate area’s where your business services or products are most needed. We also take a local and global view and employ location analysis to ascertain the financial benefits of a location, economical impact and skilled labor available.

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Look At All Variables In Play

First, our location analysis will translate into all the factors that will guide us into your specific city’s best positioning.

We generate a long list of available properties and locations that meet our client’s initial criteria.

Next, we dive deep into traffic counts, parking needs, time from your customer base to get your goods or service, and our targeted recommendations based upon similar performers that are competitors in your local and national operating area. 

Create Plan of Action

We create a finalized list of potential targets and delve further into our feasibility analysis for each location such as actual square feet needed, total occupancy costs, proximity to local transit and supply chain efficiencies.

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Start The Final Asset Search.

We collaborate on a final shortlist of properties and set forth some initial terms key to your company goals.

Your potential exit strategies to either end your lease, expand your footprint within your existing space, or acquire the building itself will also be taken into account.

Complete and Transact.

Finally, all these, among all the above factors, will be thoughtfully considered and deliberated on with you before executing a letter of intent to move forward with your lease or acquisition.

Once a contract is solidified we assist with any due diligence required and/or management of the build-out process to ensure project deadlines are achieved.

Industries We Serve


Site selection is no easy task but our streamlined process helps you easily navigate your business to the right location with the right terms.